Construction bar cutter for sale

Ellsen bar cutter is a kind of steel fabrication machinery which is very popular in construction industry. Mostly, we could not build houses without bar cutters in modern society. Ellsen keeps up with the times, the bar cutters for sale produced by Ellsen company can not only cut off cold/hot rolled round steel bar, ordinary carbon steel bar, screw steel bar, but also cut flat iron, square steel and angle steel. Moreover, it can achieve massive production by using bar cutters for sale.

Featured bar cutter for sale

GQ40A-2 High quality bar cutters for sale

GQ40A-2 Bar cutter
GQ40A-2 Bar cutter

Cut round bar: (Φ6-Φ40)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel: (Φ6-Φ32)mm
Motor power: 3kw
Motor revolving speed: 2870 r/min
Cutting frequency: 32times/min
Packing size: 1430x450x750mm
Weight: 400kg

GQ45 Low price bar cutters for sale

GQ45 Bar cutter
GQ45 Bar cutter

Cut round bar: (Φ6-Φ45)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel: (Φ6-Φ36)mm
Motor power: 4kw
Revolving speed: 2870 r/min
Cutting frequency: 28time s/min
Packing size: 1560x500x800mm
Weight: 515kg

GQ50 Promotion price bar cutters for sale

GQ50 Bar cutter
GQ50 Bar cutter

Carbon steel: ≤Φ50mm
III-grade deformed steel: ≤Φ40mm
Flat steel: 80×18mm
Square steel: 40×40mm
Angle steel: 63×63mm
Frequency: 28time s/min
Motor power: 4KW
Rated voltage: 220V/380V/415V/440V
Dimension(mm): 1560x530x800mm
Weight: 560kg

GQ60 New product bar cutters for sale

GQ60 Bar cutter
GQ60 Bar cutter

Carbon steel: Φ60mm
III-grade deformed steel: Φ50mm
Flat steel: 80×18mm
Square steel: 40×40mm
Angle steel: 63×63mm
Frequency: 28time s/min
Motor power: 7.5KW
Motor speed: 2890 r/min
Rated voltage: 220V~480V
Dimension(mm): 1800x500x970
Weight: 800kg

RC20B Battery bar cutters for sale

RC20B Bar cutter
RC20B Bar cutter

Voltage: 18V
Steel hardness: 40CR-A3
Max cutting diameter: 4-20mm
Hydraulic oil: ISOVG46
Battery: BGA-1620 DC3.0A
Machine weight: 9.8kg
Carton size: 550x430x150mm
Features: lithium polymer battery with the function of lighting, can cut about 150 times on a charge

RC32 Hydraulic press bar cutters for sale

RC32 Bar cutter
RC32 Bar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 1600w/1700w
Max cutting rebar: 6-32mm
Cutting speed: 5s
Machine weight: 35kg
Gross weight: 43kg
Machine size: 550x180x270mm
Carton size: 630x320x260mm

RC25 Electricity bar cutters for sale

RC25 Bar cutter
RC25 Bar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 1600w/1700w
Max cutting rebar: 4-25mm
Cutting speed: 5s
Machine weight: 24.5kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Machine size: 480x150x255mm
Carton size: 565x230x345mm

RC16 Portable/light bar cutters for sale

RC16 Bar cutter
RC16 Bar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 850w/900w
Max cutting rebar: 4-16mm
Cutting speed: 2.5-3s
Machine weight: 8kg
Gross weight: 13kg
Machine size: 460x270x115mm
Carton size: 510x230x150mm

Application of bar cutters for sale

The applied range of bar cutters is very wide. We could buy a bar cutter and make use of it in these areas: road construction, tunnel and bridge projects, housing building, high-rise building. Bar cutters for sale also play a very important role in steel fabrication plants no matter these plants are with big scale or small scale. By using bar cutters we could cut off steel rods into different sizes and lengths so as to meet construction requirements.

Characteristics of bar cutter machine

  • Ellsen bar cutter machine runs very well.
  • Our bar cutter machine have solid and simple structure.
  • Each bar cutter is equipped with latest technology and advanced design.
  • Our bar shears could do precise cutting work.
  • The bar shear has low maintenance rate.
  • This steel equipment works for a long time with low power consumption.
  • It is very easy to operate Ellsen bar cutters.
  • It is convenient to move bar cutters.
  • Quality of our bar cutters is creditable.
  • The price of bar cutter machines is very fair and competitive.

Main constituent parts of bar cutters

The cutting blades of our bar cutters are covered with protective metal sheet and we use forged steel to produce them. Furthermore, the blades have 28mm thickness which is durable in use. This also extends the performance life of bar cutters.
Ellsen bar cutter machine adopts 100% cooper motor with 3KW/4KW, it complies with international standard. And the motor has the feature of heat resistance. It will promise bar cutter runs stably.
Ellsen round bar cutters have bar sliding device which makes it easier to feed the steel bars into cutting blade. And it will reduce labor intensity, save your time.
The transmission device is wearing resistance and heat resistance. The device of angle bar cutters help adjust the working speed well.
Gear and gearbox of flat bar cutters have the characteristics of abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. This will greatly advance performance of bar cutters for sale.

High quality gear, gear shaft and connective rod bearing keeps reinforcement steel bar cutters working even if they are under heavy load.
Considering your safety, our angle bar cutters have clutch system which makes it easy to operate our cut off machine for steel bar.
It is very convenient to move cutter machine, for it has four wheels under the machine body. You are able to move the bar cutters wherever you want. Besides, there has solid steel frame to support the whole machine body. It is stronger enough to bear the weight of bar cutters for sale.
The whole machine body is heavy duty and it is manufactured by high-quality casting steel. This guarantees bar cutters a stable performance and solid structure.

Why choose our flat bar cutters for sale

As a top bar cutter manufacturer, our flat bar cutters have been sold well to all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Bahrain, South Africa, Cameroon, India, Thailand,etc. No matter they are dealers or end users, the feedback of our bar cutters is always very positive. The most important reason that they choose us is our bar cutter quality. Ellsen has a group of high qualified professionals, they devote themselves to research new technology. In order to meet clients’ demands, our professionals design and produce high speed bar cutters by using newest technique and novelty design. There is no doubt that selecting Ellsen means you would get high quality round bar cutter. In addition, Ellsen flat bar cutter price is very reasonable. Compared with other bar cutter suppliers, you would find our angle bar cutter price is not the lowest, but it is the most fair.

How to maintain bar cutter machines

Everything has its own using life including bar cutter machines. But regular maintenance is good for extending its using life. When you use a rebar cutter, you should pay attention to its gear, gear shaft, transmission belts and lubricate them regularly. You had better check whether the transmission belts are tight or not. There has manual to guide you how to maintain steel bar cutters if you are not sure. Please keep in mind that we should lubricate the bar cutter machines once every month.

Package details & Shipping of round bar cutter

We pack each round bar cutter by using high hardness cartons, wooden cases, iron frame in case that it may damage the bar cutters during long-distance transportation. We will do everything to ensure our clients get a faultless bar cutter machine. And our cooperative shipping agent is able to send round bar cutters to all over the world by Sea, by Air or by Express. For clients’ convenience, door to door service is workable.

After-sales service of bar cutter for sale

  • We have one year warranty for flat bar cutters.
  • Wearing parts are sent to clients for free.
  • Ellsen provides clients with free maintenance service of bar cutters.
  • Our engineers are ready to offer door to door service both at home and abroad.
  • Welcome to visit our factory at any time you want.

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