Manual rebar cutter for sale

Manual rebar cutter is more often to be seen on construction sites or steel processing fabrication plants. In general, people use manual rebar cutter to cut off ordinary carbon steel, hot and cold rolled steel, screw steel, flat steel, square steel and angle steel in construction industry. It can say that without rebar cutters, there is no modern building. Therefore, manual rebar cutter for sale plays a very important role in construction sites, such as high-rise buildings, road construction, tunnel and bridge projects, etc. The steel fabrication plants also need manual rebar cutters to help cut steel bars in different sizes and lengths.

Featured Ellsen manual rebar cutter for sale

RC20B Manual rebar cutter for sale

RC20B Manual rebar cutter
RC20B Manual rebar cutter

Voltage: 18V
Steel hardness: 40CR-A3
Max cutting diameter: 4-20mm
Hydraulic oil: ISOVG46
Battery: BGA-1620 DC3.0A
Machine weight: 9.8kg
Carton size: 550x430x150mm
Features: lithium polymer battery with the function of lighting, can cut about 150 times on a charge

GQ40A-2 Manul rebar cutter for sale

GQ40A-2 Manual rebar cutter
GQ40A-2 Manual rebar cutter

Cut round bar: (Φ6-Φ40)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel: (Φ6-Φ32)mm
Motor power: 3kw
Motor revolving speed: 2870 r/min
Cutting frequency: 32times/min
Packing size: 1430x450x750mm
Weight: 400kg

GQ40B Manual rebar cutter for sale

GQ40B Manual rebar cutter
GQ40B Manual rebar cutter

Cut round bar: (Φ6-Φ40)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel: (Φ6-Φ32)mm
Motor power: 3kw
Motor revolving speed: 2870 r/min
Cutting frequency: 32time s/min
Packing size: 1190x500x850mm
Weight: 400kg

GQ45 Manual rebar cutter for sale

GQ45 Manual rebar cutter
GQ45 Manual rebar cutter

Cut round bar: (Φ6-Φ45)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel: (Φ6-Φ36)mm
Motor power: 4kw
Revolving speed: 2870 r/min
Cutting frequency: 28time s/min
Packing size: 1560x500x800mm
Weight: 515kg

GQ50 Manual rebar cutter for sale

GQ50 Manual rebar cutter
GQ50 Manual rebar cutter

Carbon steel: ≤Φ50mm
III-grade deformed steel: ≤Φ40mm
Flat Steel: 80×18mm
Square Steel: 40×40mm
Angle Steel: 63×63mm
Frequency: 28time s/min
Motor power: 4KW
Rated Voltage: 220V/380V/415V/440V
Dimension(mm): 1560x530x800mm
Weight: 560kg


RC25 Manual rebar cutter for sale

RC25 Manual rebar cutter
RC25 Manual rebar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 1600w/1700w
Max cutting rebar: 4-25mm
Cutting speed: 5s
Machine weight: 24.5kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Machine size: 480x150x255mm
Carton size: 565x230x345mm

Manual rebar cutters for sale

In the past, many houses were built of wood and plaster. Because these materials are easily found and cheap. But it would be unsafe to live in these houses when rain is pouring heavily. However, along with social progress, concrete comes into people’s life. Concrete combined with steel constructs most modern buildings. But we could not use the steel directly, we need use cutting rebar machine to cut off steel bars into different lengths. It has brought a lot of changes since this tool for sale came out on the market. As a steel processing machine, Ellsen manual cutter could saves time and money for your projects. Moreover, the machine improves the quality of housing buildings and promises construction progress smoothly.

Heavy duty manual rebar cutter

Manual bar cutter for sale in Ellsen company

As a leading manual rebar cutter manufacturer, Ellsen has been engaged in producing manual bar cutter for 20 years. With persistent effort, our manual bar cutters have been sold to all over the world, such as USA, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, Cameroon, Southeast Asia etc. And the following reasons will show you why Ellsen manual bar cutters are highly favored by our customers at domestic and abroad.

First of all, Ellsen manual rebar cutter has a high quality blade. The using life of cutting blade has a big effect on the service life of a manual bar cutter for sale. Ellsen cutting blades are made of special steel and 28mm thickness blade ensures the cutting machine is able to work for a long time without breakdown.

Second, our manual rebar cutter quality is reliable. All machines consist of 100% copper motor with 3KW/4KW. Besides, the whole machine body is heavy duty, which adopts casting steel to manufacture the whole body. What’s more, our factory adopts forged steel to produce gears and gear shaft. This keeps the machine working stably even if under the condition of heavy load.

The discount rebar machines for sale

GQ40D Manual rebar cutter for sale
GQ40D-2 Manual rebar cutter for sale

Third, as manual rebar cutter supplier, Ellsen has a strong and experienced technique team. They work very hard to research and develop the latest technology to equip our equipment. Therefore, all of manual bar cutters are with advanced design and newest technique.

Fourth, we have a perfect detection system. Each manual steel bar cutter for sale is tested for many times before we sell it on the market. And we have CE, ROHS certification for all our cutting machines for steel.

Lastly, our manual rebar cutter price is very reasonable and competitive. You could buy cutters for sale from Ellsen with the lowest price compared with the same product, same quality on the market.

Features of manual steel bar cutter

  • Our manual steel bar cutter has reinforced machine body made of high quality steel. And it has compact structure, which is solid and reliable.
  • The manual rebar cutter adopts distributive oiling system. Thus our rebar cutting machines have a very good lubrication.
  • The tool apron and connecting rod bearing are made of special steel. These promise little deformation of cut materials.
  • You could choose manual feeding material device and cut-to-length device which save time and labor as well as make sure precise cutting.
  • All of our bar cutting machines adopt electromagnetic clutch device and use crossbar switch. So it is very easy and safe to operate.
  • There have 4 wheels under the machine body, it is very convenient to move our manual bar cutters.

How to operate manual bar cutters

Before starting, you must check and make sure whether there has crack on the cutting blade, then adjust the interval of cutting blade. When all is ready, we could feed the steel bar into the cutting blade. Please always keep in mind that you must put the steel on the lower-middle part of cutting blade, then hold the steel bar tightly and cut the bars fast. We could not use manual rebar cutter to cut off steel bars over the working capacity of the manual bar cutters. The total section must be within the recommended limits when cutting several steel bars at one time. Furthermore, you should change high hardness blade while cutting Low-Alloy steels. In order to keep safe when you operate the manual bar cutter to cut short steel rods, please keep your hand far from the cutting blade at least 150mm.

Notices when you use manual steel cutter for sale

In order to avoid accident, you’d better wear safety gloves to operate manual steel cutter. And please keep your fingers away from the cutting blade when the manual rebar cutter is working. It is better to change a new steel bar cutting blade when it is damaged. Don’t attempt to clean and move the steel cutter manual when it is running. You should stop the manual steel cutter while you hear abnormal sound. Please don’t place rebar cutters in wet environment when you don’t use it for a long time. Always turn off the power supply while you don’t use the manual bar cutter for sale.

Manual steel bar cutters – Lead Time

In general, it will take 6-15 working days to manufacture manual bar cutters no matter how many you will order. But if we have manual rebar cutter in stock, it would be sent to you as soon as we pack it well. As a famous exporter, our Ellsen has 20 years experience in exporting. We could transport the equipment to all over the world without any delay. In addition, our company and our shipping agent would be responsible to damage caused during transportation.

Manual cutter – Payment Terms & Package

When clients decide to buy our manual cutter, they could pay us by T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A and it is very flexible. As for the package, we will use high hardness cartons, wood case and iron frame to pack manual rebar cutter in case of any damages during delivery. We will offer our clients door to door service if it is necessary no matter clients in our country or foreign countries.

After-sales service of manual rebar cutter for sale

  • We guarantee on year warranty for manual rebar cutter for sale.
  • Wearing parts of manual steel bar cutters can be sent for free.
  • Our engineers would maintain rebar cutters for free under warranty period.
  • Our clients can learn how to operate manual cutter for free in our factory.
  • 24-hour service line is available whenever you meet problems of the cutters.

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